What is the state of D&I in China?
16 Aug 2022
What is the state of D&I in China?

While D&I has become a hot topic in the Western corporate world, many companies are leaping into the unknown when applying related strategies in China, often leading to dire results and backlash. How do societal values and politics shape attitudes to diversity and inclusion in the country?

Ivy Wong

Ivy Wong is the co-founder of Diversity and Inclusion Consulting (D&IC), where she advises companies on creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace in China. She is the recipient of the Future Leader Award 2021 from the American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai and was featured as one of the 300 Future Leaders in Tatler’s Gen T Asia list 2021.

Will Oshiro de Groot

Will Oshiro de Groot is a senior insights manager for diversity and inclusion at the LEGO Group. He has served as a researcher, creative strategist, and consultant at global brands as well as parliamentary groups and local city councils. In his role at the LEGO group, he is exploring how to harness play as a platform for social inclusion. Will is also active in MEND, researching the relationship between sex, sexuality, and masculinity.

Felicia Schwartz

Felicia Schwartz is a cultural insight specialist with 14 years of experience in the Greater China region. She has worked widely across consumer goods as well as retail, luxury, and technology. An advertising veteran, Felicia is passionate about people and what motivates them, hence a career in strategic planning and consumer insights. She has researched Chinese women, children, young adults, and men for clients like L'Oreal, Ferrero, Nestle, and Maserati, and delivered cultural business skills to the DIT, EDF Energy, and Jaguar Land Rover.