How ‘made in China’ became a mark of luxury
22 Jun 2021
How ‘made in China’ became a mark of luxury

With the pandemic forcing people to spend closer to home and heightened geopolitical tensions shining a spotlight on national identity, it’s no surprise that local brands are thriving in China. But how exactly are companies playing up their heritage? And what does ‘made in China’ now imply?

Ashley Dudarenok

Ashley Dudarenok is a China marketing expert, global keynote speaker, and three-time Amazon bestselling author. She founded the Chinese digital marketing agency Alarice and digital marketing training company ChoZan.

Sophia Dumenil

Sophia Dumenil is the co-founder of The Chinese Pulse, a creative trend foresight and consulting agency dedicated to contemporary China. The Chinese Pulse works with fashion, beauty, luxury, and lifestyle brands to develop marketing and communication strategies, and helps them decode the latest societal insights.

Louis Houdart

Louis Houdart is the group CEO of design firm Creative Capital China, which specialises in retail branding and storytelling for the Chinese consumer market. Part of the Altavia Group, the agency is headquartered in Shanghai and Hong Kong, with offices in New York, Shenzhen, and Jakarta.

Delle Chan

Delle Chan is a London-based writer and editor who covers everything from food and travel to science and sustainability. She has contributed to various publications including The Guardian, CNN Travel, the South China Morning Post, and WIRED UK.