A Cultural Snapshot of China 2022
28 Jan 2022
A Cultural Snapshot of China 2022

Why are Gen Zers lying down instead of going to work? What’s making older adults feel disenfranchised? And why are Gen Yers seeking out green relief in their everyday lives? Our China Cultural Snapshot explores the key behaviours shaping the nation in 2022.

Kerry Brown

Kerry Brown is a professor of Chinese Studies and Director of the Lau China Institute at King’s College London. He is an associate of the Asia Pacific Programme at Chatham House, London, an adjunct of the Australia New Zealand School of Government in Melbourne, and the co-editor of the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, run from the German Institute for Global Affairs in Hamburg.

Yupina Ng

Yupina Ng is a freelance journalist and writer based in London. Originally from Hong Kong, she has written for the New Statesman, Al Jazeera, Business of Fashion, and the South China Morning Post.