Why is the girlboss era over?
5 Apr 2022
Why is the girlboss era over?

At first glance, TikTok trends such as ‘bimbofication’, ‘the rockstar girlfriend’, and ‘sugar baby aesthetics’ appear to be firmly anti-feminist – a stark contrast to the era of the ‘girlboss’. But what do these narratives reveal about the evolution of female empowerment on social media platforms?

David Morneau

David Morneau is an entrepreneur and the CEO of inBeat.co, a TikTok and Instagram micro-influencer platform used by more than 1,000 e-commerce brands and agencies.

Rachel Hills

Rachel Hills is a journalist and public intellectual who has spent more than 20 years thinking and writing on all things gender. She is the author of The Sex Myth: The Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality, and founder of Protagonistic, a communications consultancy that works with businesses, nonprofits, and creatives seeking to transform the public dialogue around gender, race, sexuality, mental health, climate, and more. Rachel's writing and commentary has been featured in The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Fusion, The Guardian, The New Inquiry, The New Republic, New York magazine, The New York Times, TIME, Vogue, and Washington Post.

Louise Rumball

Louise Rumball is a culture expert and founder of the OPENHOUSE podcast, which helps to promote next-generation therapy.

Marris Adikwu

Marris Adikwu is a culture writer and a keen observer of consumer behaviour. She also writes short stories and reads anything she can get her hands on.