Is personalized reality the next entertainment frontier?
11 Jan 2022
Is personalized reality the next entertainment frontier?

Innovations in AR and VR are giving storytellers, game developers, and brands new and more engaging ways of connecting with audiences. But what will get people excited about using these technologies? And how might these tools redefine play, fitness, and socialising in the digital realm?

Aaron Stanton

Aaron Stanton is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and the founder and director of the VR Institute of Health and Exercise. He was the founder and CEO of BookLamp, a technology-based book analysis platform that was sold to Apple in 2014. He is also the executive producer of QuiVr, one of the early successes of independent VR development.

Oscar Swedrup

Oscar Swedrup is the senior strategic partnerships manager at PRELOADED, a BAFTA award-winning immersive games studio based in London. He works with global brands such as McDonald’s, Science Museum, and Disney to develop XR experiences, using cutting-edge platforms like Niantic Lightship.

Yu-kai Chou

Yu-kai Chou is an author and international keynote speaker on gamification and behavioural design. He is the founding partner and chief creation officer at consulting/design firm The Octalysis Group and the chief mentor at Octalysis Prime, a gamified learning platform. He was formerly the head of creative labs and head of digital commerce at HTC and is currently leading social campaigns for HTC as a social ambassador.

Alex King

Alex King is a journalist and former staff writer at Huck, a youth culture magazine and website in London. Now based in Athens, he writes about creative subcultures, human rights and activism around the world.