Why are Americans feeling salty?
24 Nov 2021
Why are Americans feeling salty?

Home-bound working habits during the pandemic have switched up snacking moments, prompting people to seek small treats throughout their varied days. But how are mounting health concerns influencing their choices? What can brands offer Americans to satisfy their evolving cravings?

Tia Rains

Tia Rains is the VP of customer engagement and strategic development at Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition, a Japan-based corporation producing cooking oils, frozen foods, beverages, sweeteners, and seasonings.

Brittany Lubeck

Brittany Lubeck is a registered dietitian, writer, and nutrition consultant.

Shaunak Amin

Shaunak Amin is the co-founder and CEO of snack supply company SnackMagic.

Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas writes about food, beer, and sustainable farming for magazines and blogs. Also a researcher, he's produced reports and provided consultancy support for food brands such as McCain, PepsiCo, and Epicurean Events.