Why is budgeting going back to basics?
9 Nov 2021
Why is budgeting going back to basics?

In the post-pandemic ‘new normal’, many Americans are facing significant financial pressures, fueling the demand for actionable budgeting guidance. How are personal finance communities on social media meeting this need? And why are old-school tricks winning over tech-savvy savers?

Taylor Price

Taylor Price is a social media personality and the founder of Fifecta, an app that encourages personal financial literacy. She has over 1.1 million followers on TikTok.

Ellie Atkinson

As a social strategist at creative agency Digital Natives, Ellie Atkinson studies how creators are using TikTok to communicate personal finance advice and how their content influences our spending.

Sarah Drumm

Sarah Drumm is a freelance journalist covering small businesses, start-ups, and new consumer brands. She is a contributor to Canvas8 and published a report on the popularity of direct-to-consumer brand communities for Thingtesting.