How is the Latinx community addressing mental health?
12 Oct 2021
How is the Latinx community addressing mental health?

It’s well-established that COVID-19 has had an uneven impact on the American public, with communities of color experiencing worse physical health outcomes. But how has the pandemic affected the mental health of Latinx Americans? And what’s preventing them from seeking treatment?

Dr. Margarita Alegría

Margarita Alegría, PhD, is the chief of the Disparities Research Unit at the Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor at the Departments of Medicine and Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Her research centers on Latinx healthcare issues, including the improvement of healthcare services.

Daniel Guerra Jr.

Daniel Guerra Jr. is the CEO and founder of AltusLearn Network, a platform that enables healthcare professionals to track and meet annual compliance requirements. Before starting AltusLearn, he owned and managed technology companies for 15 years, covering web development to e-commerce. He’s now working to ameliorate information gaps that minorities face in the healthcare system.

Andres Zambrano Bravo

Andres Zambrano Bravo is a Berlin-based freelance journalist who loves to ask why. He loves puzzles and seeks answers to social phenomena and trends, helping researchers, companies, and artists to also find their voice along the way. When not annoying people with questions, you can find him spinning records in one of Berlin’s smoky venues.