What’s next for American sneakerheads?
7 Sep 2021
What’s next for American sneakerheads?

Scarcity and exclusivity were the pillars upon which the modern sneaker market was built, but with brands rushing to claim dominance through collaborations and countless drops, these factors are losing relevance for many buyers. So, how do sneakerheads now determine the value of footwear?

John Gotty

John Gotty is a self-described cultural educator. He's a contributing writer for Complex Sneakers and also an avid music lover and Nike enthusiast.

Brendan Dunne

Brendan Dunne is a writer and sneaker person living in New York. He is the GM of Sole Collector and leads the sneaker coverage at Complex. He is also a co-host on Full Size Run and the Complex Sneakers podcast.

Matt Powell

Matt Powell is a retail expert and senior advisor at NPD Sports.

Jordan Anderson

Jordan Anderson is editor-at-large at NSS Magazine and online editor at Twin Magazine. As a fashion journalist and creative director, his work explores political themes in and outside the fashion industry including race, gender, identity, and brand and cultural ethics.