Could China’s meat-eaters swap for plant-based?
19 Jul 2021
Could China’s meat-eaters swap for plant-based?

The Chinese government wants to cut its country’s meat consumption drastically in coming years and while vegetarian and vegan eating hasn’t been particularly popular in China, there are signs that the tide of public opinion could be turning. So how is mock meat viewed by China’s consumers?

Albert Tseng

Albert Tseng is co-founder of Dao Foods, a socially-responsible investment firm dedicated to incubating and developing companies that create plant-based meat alternatives in China.

Mirte Gosker

Mirte Gosker is acting managing director of The Good Food Institute Asia-Pacific, a non-profit organisation focused on growing and developing the alternative protein market in areas including China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Tim Forster

Tim Forster is a food writer and editor. He was an editor for international food news site Eater for four years but brings academic knowledge in film, political science, and music history. He has worked as a parliamentary reporter in Canada, published essays and treatises on all sorts of popular culture, and produced an audio documentary about queer spaces in contemporary North American cities. With this kind of all-around expertise, he has deep cultural insight to inform his commentary on the food and drink and hospitality sectors and the ways they intersect with technology and popular culture.