Why are omnivores embracing plant-based meat?
16 Oct 2019
Why are omnivores embracing plant-based meat?

The proliferation of plant-based meat products at restaurants and grocery stores across the US has expanded the dining options available to vegans and vegetarians – but their appeal is not limited to those following niche diets. What’s driving more and more omnivores to gorge on meat alternatives?

Henk Hoogenkamp

Henk Hoogenkamp is a world-renowned protein technology expert, trusted advisor for food companies and academies, and a contributor to leading food journals. He helps companies across a wide spectrum develop new, exciting, and sustainable protein sources to meet business and consumer needs. He is also the author of the 2018 book ‘Protein Transition: Technological, Economic & Societal Impact of Global Protein Sustainability’.

Nick Cooney

Nick Cooney is a Managing Partner at Lever VC, an investment fund focused on alternative protein companies. He co-founded The Good Food Institute and was the co-founder and managing trustee of New Crop Capital.He is the author of three books: ’Change of Heart’, ’Veganomics’, and ‘How To Be Great At Doing Good’.

Zach Soudan

Zach Soudan is an interaction designer, user researcher, and behavioral analyst who practices between London and New York. Previously a designer at IDEO, he has worked with start-ups, US governmental agencies, and leading Fortune 500 companies to assess, plan, design, and launch innovative products. His recent work looks to utilise non-linear processes within a 360-design approach to address the increasing complexity of social interactions within emerging technologies and the shifting political landscapes in which design operates.