5 Jul 2021
Why are Gen Z Aussies seeking empathetic brands?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, young Aussies are searching for businesses that replace ‘brand purpose’ with personality and bring a human touch to the corporate world. So, what can brands do to meet these expectations? How can they demonstrate their empathy to win loyalty?

Charlie Ranscombe is an interdisciplinary researcher working in design practice and new product development in the fields of aesthetics, user experience, and design visualisation. Dr. Ranscombe's focus is in researching approaches to better understand product appearance, and how brands change appearance to stay relevant to key user groups while maintaining core brand identity. Dr. Ranscombe has completed case studies in consumer electronics (Apple, Samsung), automotive (BMW), and packaging design (Crown Lager). Findings have given brands an in-depth understanding of where their products stand with respect to competitors as well as projections for new designs that will be innovative and maintain brand identity.

Dr. Amanda Spry is a lecturer in marketing at RMIT University’s School of Economics, Finance, and Marketing, and serves on the editorial review board of the European Journal of Marketing.

Dr. Sukhmani Khorana is a Vice-Chancellor’s senior research fellow based at Western Sydney University’s Young and Resilient Research Centre.