Is blockchain tech the future of gaming?
17 Jun 2021
Is blockchain tech the future of gaming?

Within the gaming industry, innovation is often discussed in the context of new hardware, with players and critics tending to focus on the aesthetic advances afforded by new graphics cards and virtual reality. But how might the introduction of blockchain tech reshape the sector as a whole?

Aaron Frank

Aaron Frank is a researcher, writer, and lecturer at Singularity University. His work focuses on the impact of emerging technologies on business, society, and culture. His expertise is in the spatial computing industry (augmented/virtual reality) and the use of virtual environments. He routinely advises organisations on the future of emerging tech and his writing has appeared in Vice, Wired UK, Forbes, and Venturebeat.

Jon Jordan

A game industry veteran, Jon Jordan has focused on blockchain gaming since early 2018. He launched and the Blockchain Gaming World podcast and YouTube channel, as well as consulting for game developers and investors.

Alex King

Alex King is a journalist and former staff writer at Huck, a youth culture magazine and website in London. Now based in Athens, he writes about creative subcultures, human rights and activism around the world.