Why is the passion economy levelling up leisure?
22 Feb 2021
Why is the passion economy levelling up leisure?

Changing algorithms, non-stop advertising, and the dissemination of misinformation all contribute to declining trust in social media giants. Enter the passion economy: online community platforms built around niche passions. What does this mean for the state of social play?

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Benji Vaughan

Benji Vaughan is an electronic musician and label owner, recording under the aliases Prometheus and Younger Brother. He is also the founder of Disciple Media, a community media platform.

Emma Davies

Emma Davies is a commercial and fine art flower photographer and photography instructor. She is the author of number-one Amazon bestselling beginners’ photography workbooks, A Year With My Camera. She hosts an online community of the same name on Disciple.

Isabella Ubaldi

Isabella Ubaldi is an optimistic nihilist and writer/copywriter with a background in advertising. She likes to write about the human condition: be it emerging cultural movements, the psychology of grief or uncovering scientific advancements in biohacking.