What do Chinese Gen Zers want from beauty brands?
14 Jun 2021
What do Chinese Gen Zers want from beauty brands?

Chinese Gen Zers are brand-savvy shoppers who have more access to product information than their predecessors. But how exactly is this consumer power affecting their beauty buying habits? What do they expect from cosmetics brands and how are their demands shaping the sector?

Mette Knudsen

Mette Knudsen is the CEO of foreign investment consulting firm Knudsen & CRC, offering China market analysis. Additionally, she advises on government affairs and regulatory issues, especially within the nutritional supplements, infant formula, food and beverage, and beauty sectors.

Renee Hartman

Renee Hartman is the co-founder of China Luxury Advisors. She is a graduate of the Duke Fuqua School of Business and has more than 12 years of operational experience in China, where she worked for Ogilvy PR and co-founded Eno, a lifestyle apparel brand.

Chloe Goncalves

Chloe Goncalves is a leading digital marketing and e-commerce expert. She is currently Asia e-commerce manager at L’Oréal and previously worked in Alibaba’s Hangzhou headquarters, where she helped over 50 European cosmetics and motherhood brands enter the Chinese market through Tmall and Tmall Global.

Felicia Schwartz

Felicia Schwartz is a cultural insight specialist with 14 years of experience in the Greater China region. She has worked widely across consumer goods as well as retail, luxury, and technology. An advertising veteran, Felicia is passionate about people and what motivates them, hence a career in strategic planning and consumer insights. She has researched Chinese women, children, young adults, and men for clients like L'Oreal, Ferrero, Nestle, and Maserati, and delivered cultural business skills to the DIT, EDF Energy, and Jaguar Land Rover.