Jun 14, 2021
What do Chinese Gen Zers want from beauty brands?

Chinese Gen Zers are brand-savvy shoppers who have more access to product information than their predecessors. But how exactly is this consumer power affecting their beauty buying habits? What do they expect from cosmetics brands and how are their demands shaping the sector?

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There are roughly 260 million Gen Zers in China, and members of this cohort are set to make up 27% of the country’s population by 2025. [1] As they accumulate more social influence and economic power, these young consumers will redefine brand expectations across sectors, with research suggesting that those in high-tier cities are willing to pay a premium for high-quality goods and experiences, including up to 25% more for high-end beauty. [2] Chloe Goncalves, the Asia e-commerce manager at L’Oréal, defines Zers as ‘skintellectuals’ – sophisticated and connected shoppers who are cosmopolitan and brand-savvy. In this respect, they are quite different from past generations, who were more sheltered and less exposed to overseas brands from a young age. [3]