Are Britons ready for virtual holidays?
23 Mar 2021
Are Britons ready for virtual holidays?

In the wake of lockdown restrictions and Britons’ inability to physically explore long-dreamed-about holiday destinations, what impact has virtual reality had on the tourism sector and how will it continue to feature in people’s holiday planning and future travel experiences?

Professor Erik Champion

Professor Erik Champion is honorary research professor at the Centre for Digital Humanities Research at Australian National University. His research focuses on the use of virtual reality and augmented reality in travel, particularly in the heritage sector.

Dr. Mandy tom Dieck

Dr. Mandy tom Dieck is project manager and researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Creative AR & VR Hub. Having previously worked in hospitality, her academic research now focuses on digital tourism, particularly augmented reality.

John C. Graham

John C. Graham is president of Travel World VR, a digital travel marketing company based in New Jersey, US. He has formerly worked in travel media and advertising.

Oscar Quine

Oscar Quine is a journalist who has written for leading media outlets, such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Independent, on a range of issues including technology.