2021 Expert Outlook on Travel and Leisure
3 Dec 2020
2021 Expert Outlook on Travel and Leisure

How has the pandemic changed what we do in cities? Will booking a holiday ever be stress-free? Has restaurant dining changed forever? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how people are socialising at a distance and finding fun in safe experiences.

James Manning

James Manning is the international editor for Time Out Magazine. He works across digital and print platforms, publishing content to a global audience of more than 2 million. He covers a wide range of content, including travel, events, art and culture, and food and drink.

Katie McAlister

Katie McAlister is the chief marketing officer for TUI’s northern region, responsible for the core marketing disciplines including brand, advertising, digital CRM, and e-commerce for TUI UK and Ireland, Crystal Ski, First Choice, and Marella Cruises, as well as all sales channels. She is also responsible for brand strategy and digital for the entire TUI Group.

Rue Mapp

Rue Mapp is the founder and chief operating officer of Outdoor Afro, a social network that connects African-American explorers to nature. She’s an influential voice and award-winning figure in the outdoor industry, known for her efforts to champion diversity and push for representation in the outdoors.

Precious Osoba

Precious Osoba is a junior behavioural analyst at Canvas8. Fascinated by the hows and whys of people and culture, she has a background in social sciences and a degree in marketing. You can often find her in aesthetically pleasing restaurants writing articles for her Medium profile.