Could speedrunning outpace conventional esports?
5 Oct 2020
Could speedrunning outpace conventional esports?

Speedrunning is an unconventional esport – one that sees winners decided not by points or kills, but by the clock alone. How has this simple concept captivated millions of gamers across the world? And why is it important for brands to understand niche gaming communities?

Kyle Orland

Kyle Orland is the senior gaming editor at Ars Technica, a website that covers news and opinions in technology, science, politics, and society. He is the author of The Game Beat: Observations and Lessons from Two Decades Writing about Games.

Matt Harris

Matt Harris is the co-founder and organiser of the United Kingdom Speedrunning Marathon, a UK-based event that raises money for a host of charities.

Alex King

Alex King is a journalist and former staff writer at Huck, a youth culture magazine and website in London. Now based in Athens, he writes about creative subcultures, human rights and activism around the world.