Can body neutrality boost people’s self-perception?
22 May 2020
Can body neutrality boost people’s self-perception?

Body positivity began as an inclusive movement, but is now dominated by curvy, white women who fit traditional beauty structures. In what ways does the concept of ‘body neutrality’ differ to promote positive self-perceptions? And how can brands help break the cycle of self-hatred?

Melissa Gernon

Melissa Gernon is the founder and director of Columbus Park, the leading eating disorder outpatient treatment centre in New York City.

Anuschka Rees

Anuschka Rees has a background in psychology and is the author of two feminist books: The Curated Closet and Beyond Beautiful.

Isabella Ubaldi

Isabella Ubaldi is an optimistic nihilist and writer/copywriter with a background in advertising. She likes to write about the human condition: be it emerging cultural movements, the psychology of grief or uncovering scientific advancements in biohacking.