How are women normalising post-birth bodies?
7 Apr 2020
How are women normalising post-birth bodies?

Across social media platforms, French women are using the hashtag #monpostpartum to share stories about childbirth and their recovering bodies. As the body positivity movement gains traction in France, how can brands step in to support women and to normalise the physical changes a baby brings?

Lucie Bataille

Lucie Bataille is a lifestyle photographer and doula who blogs at @luciebataille on Instagram. Together with Le Petit Collectif, she created a photography project to document women’s postpartum experiences.

Florence Fouéré

Florence Fouéré is a transformational coach who has given a TEDx Talk about the journey that led her to become a mother and an entrepreneur. She is the author of Femina Quest: La quête de soi au féminin

Maya Kaiser

Maya Kaiser is a copywriter and researcher with a PhD in socio-cultural anthropology. She writes about identity, cross-cultural marketing, and internet context collapse, and can be found tweeting @MayaKaiserMILK.