4 Jul 2019
How can biophilic design improve modern life?

Britons are having a love affair with plants. From terrariums and cacti to Living Walls and hanging baskets, they want to tap into their affinity with nature. With urbanisation making the natural world more difficult to access, biophilic design is reconnecting people to nature in built environments.

Oliver Heath is an interior & architectural designer and leading expert in biophilia, which refers to how we can support human wellbeing through an enhanced connection to nature. He is an industry-recognised expert in the field of sustainable architecture and interior design that creates spaces that are better for both people and the planet.

Alexander Bond has over five years' experience working with and supplying specialist products to international architectural firms and multinational corporations. He now specialises in advising on the benefits of applying key principles of biophilic design to the built environment.

Elizabeth Freeman Calabrese is a licensed architect, and has been in the international design industry for over 30 years. She is a leading educator of biophilic design and believes that ecology and biophilia belong at the foundation and core of professional design programmes.

Sophie Robinson is a behavioural analyst for Canvas8. With a background in anthropology, she’s experienced in understanding the cultural mechanisms that shape the world. When not working, she’s making documentaries for her MA programme or wild swimming.