How has freelance life become more appealing?
14 Feb 2019
How has freelance life become more appealing?

Working nine-to-five may have been a mainstay in 20th century life, but as technology has freed people from their desks, many have sought a more flexible way of earning a living. What impact is the rise of freelancing having on other areas of life, such as daily routines and lifestyles?

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Dr. Karen Gregory

Dr. Karen Gregory is a digital sociologist, ethnographer, and lecturer in the department of sociology at the University of Edinburgh. She is also the programme director of the MSc in Digital Society.

Charlotte Elizabeth Libby

Charlotte Elizabeth Libby has over a decade of experience in the beauty, health, and wellness industries. She was responsible for health and beauty content at leading market intelligence agency Mintel, analysing global markets, trend forecasting, and creating strategic insight articles. In 2018, she launched indie beauty brand XO Balm and became a freelance consultant and copywriter.

Hester Grainger

Hester Grainger is the founder of Mumala Club, a PR, marketing and networking group for self-employed and freelancing women in the UK.

Natalie Leal

Natalie Leal is a journalist based in the UK. She holds a BSc and Master’s degree in Social Anthropology and writes about a range of subjects, including culture, society, politics, innovation, technology, and sustainability. Her work has appeared in national and local press and she can be found tweeting at @NatalieLeal_.