How can tech shape the workplace of the future?
19 Aug 2018
How can tech shape the workplace of the future?

Companies may strive to be at the forefront of office space innovation by introducing ping-pong tables or nap pods, but employees appreciate something a lot more functional. How can AI, VR, and wearables be harnessed in the service of a happier, more productive workforce?

Despina Katsikakis

Despina Katsikakis is an industry-leading expert on the impact of the workplace on business performance. She has acted as a consultant for companies such as Google, Unilever, BP, GSK and Microsoft on how to leverage workplace design for productivity and is now international partner and head of occupier business performance at real estate agency Cushman and Wakefield.

Peter Hirst

Peter Hirst is Associate Dean at MIT Sloan School of Management. He has over twenty years of experience in international strategy, technology consulting, academic research, higher education, and organizational development.

Laurie Clarke

Laurie Clarke is a researcher and writer based in Scotland. She has previously worked in marketing for an addiction clinic and has researched everything from memes in advertising to the legal US cannabis industry as a behavioural analyst for Canvas8. Having studied psychology, she is obsessed with what makes people tick, especially when it comes to how they make decisions.