Culture Call: aural inspo for Gen Y professionals

The career expectations of young workers are changing, and fast. Autonomy, flexibility, and personal and professional development are priorities for Gen Yers and Zers. Culture Call, a transatlantic podcast by The Financial Times explores the issues central to the lives of young professionals.

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“The meaning of work and the role that work plays in people’s lives is going through a revolution,” says psychotherapist and bestselling author Esther Perel on The Financial Times’ podcast Culture Call, which shines a spotlight on how young workers’ attitudes to careers are changing. [1] During her interview, Perel explains how Gen Yers now derive much of their identity, self-worth, and personal development from work, compared with previous generations who obtained these things through community and religion. [2] Culture Call caters to Gen Y and Z professionals by celebrating and promoting stories of personal development across the cultural spectrum. Presented by FT editors, Lilah Raptopoulos in New York and Griselda Murray Brown in London – both Gen Yers themselves – the topics discussed include the role the internet plays in modern lives, how to navigate the complicated world of work relationships, and a side-hustle mentality.