Why don’t women self-promote in the workplace?
25 Mar 2020
Why don’t women self-promote in the workplace?

Women often shy away from highlighting their achievements and value at work. But considering they’re positively impacted by another woman’s success, how can brands, platforms, and an inclusive approach help women get comfortable sharing their success and inspire them to claim their worth?

Gemma Stow

Gemma Stow is a self-promotion expert for introverted female leaders. Her leadership framework helps to empower female employees to step up, go for promotions, and showcase themselves and their company.

Dorothy Dalton

Dorothy Dalton is a global talent management strategist, certified coach and trainer, author and speaker, and CEO of 3Plus International, which supports organisations in achieving gender balance and motivating women to reach their potential.

Stefanie Sword-Williams

Stefanie Sword-Williams is the founder and author of F*ck Being Humble, a mentoring platform and book that helps people to overcome the fear of self-promotion and be the best possible brand they can be.

Anna Foden

Anna Foden is a Manchester-based writer. She studied Japanese, politics and sociology and writes on culture and business trends. She can often be found in a cinema watching a biopic or Star Trek.