Why are Britons opting for low-calorie beer?
17 Mar 2020
Why are Britons opting for low-calorie beer?

Cutting down on alcohol has been on the up for a while, but what about drinkers watching their weight? As pressure mounts on the beverage industry to rein in its appetite for sugary drinks, brands are launching low-cal tipples to help align with drinkers’ health-consciousness.

Daniel Hooper

The co-founder and US half of London- and Los Angeles-based drinks marketing agency YesMore, Daniel Hooper is an award-winning professional in the fields of social, digital, and online marketing. He’s also a keen brewer.

Julie Adlington

Julie Adlington is the exhibitions marketing director at William Reed.

Carolyn Pallister

Carolyn Pallister is a dietician and public health manager at Slimming World.

Danielle Bekker

Danielle Bekker is the co-founder and head brewer of Good Living Brewing. She has over 20 years’ experience in the brewing industry, and was the director of Global Brewing Innovation at SABMiller.

Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas writes about food, beer, and sustainable farming for magazines and blogs. Also a researcher, he's produced reports and provided consultancy support for food brands such as McCain, PepsiCo, and Epicurean Events.