How is AI upgrading playtime?
6 Mar 2020
How is AI upgrading playtime?

While parents worry about the disadvantages of their kids getting too much screen time, researchers believe they should be taught what lies behind the black box of AI. Canvas8 spoke to expert Stefania Druga about her work, which involves demystifying machine learning for the next generation.

Stefania Druga

Stefania Druga is an AI and machine learning researcher working on educational applications at the Center of Applied AI Research, The University of Chicago. She earned a PhD in computer science at the University of Washington and an MS from MIT. She developed Cognimates, an NSF grant-funded project creating a generative AI program to help teach children how to code. She also researched generative AI and AI literacy at Microsoft, Google, and X Moonshot Factory.

Emma Sheppard

Emma Sheppard is a journalist specialising in business, technology, family and social affairs. As well as Canvas8, her work has appeared in The Guardian, Wired, BBC Worldwide, The Independent and more.