Win or lose? The science of playbour
31 Jan 2020
Win or lose? The science of playbour

Gaming is becoming a popular career path, but where’s the line between fun and work in this space? Canvas8 spoke to Maria Törhönen, a scholar with the Gamification Group, to understand how people’s perceptions of their obligation towards content creation can influence their online success.

Maria Törhönen

Maria Törhönen is a researcher and a PhD candidate with the Gamification Group at Tampere University. Törhönen’s research examines user-led media production and the gamification of media, with a specific focus on video formats, YouTube culture, and game streaming practices.

Charlotte Brohier

Charlotte Brohier is a creative strategist, journalist, and editor-in-chief of Hedonist magazine, where she regularly commissions Gen Z contributors. She works with brands to better understand Gen Z behaviours and find imaginative routes of engagement. She examines cultural theory, technology, and emerging trends for Refinery29, The Times, and the Just Opened Group.