How can gamified adverts boost brand loyalty?
19 Jun 2018
How can gamified adverts boost brand loyalty?

As banner ads and billboards struggle to draw attention, brands are increasingly adopting novel forms of advertising to engage people. Gamification offers one solution by rewarding ‘players’ for their active participation. How can brands use these adverts to build stronger bonds with audiences?

José Pérez

José Pérez is an all-purpose digital professional with a mix of technical, marketing, product and business knowledge. Throughout his professional career, he has launched several projects (Gamification World Congress, BrainSINS, Wipley, AINetSolutions, En.Digital) and has participated in other projects either as an investor or as an advisor (Fotografía eCommerce, Product Hackers, SinDelantal, Ad-Pure, Tockit).

Vasilis Gkogkidis

Vasilis Gkogkidis works as a gamification trainer for GAMIFICATION+ LTD, an innovative gamification consultancy based in Brighton. He also the organiser for Gamification Europe, a new international gamification conference held in Europe.

Lara Piras

Lara Piras is a copywriter, researcher, and brand strategist. Considered a youth culture expert, her vast industry knowledge comes from working with some of the industry’s best, including MTV, WGSN, Vogue UK, and Vogue US.