Why is chicken Britain’s finger-lickin’ favourite?
7 Jan 2020
Why is chicken Britain’s finger-lickin’ favourite?

Beloved by both budget diners and those who are flush with cash, chicken is perceived as a ‘democratic meat’ with better health credentials than beef or pork. Yet while it forms the backbone of many Britons’ diets, how are ethical considerations impacting the way they buy poultry?

Garrett Fitzgerald

Garrett Fitzgerald and his partner are behind fried chicken restaurant Butchies. He holds a master’s degree in sustainable development.

David Wolanski

David Wolanski is the co-founder of Chick’N’Sours, a London-based fried chicken and cocktail chain.

Jaks Pemberton

Jaks Pemberton the meat buyer for Farmdrop, an online ethical grocer.

Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas writes about food, beer, and sustainable farming for magazines and blogs. Also a researcher, he's produced reports and provided consultancy support for food brands such as McCain, PepsiCo, and Epicurean Events.