How do modern football fans connect with the game?
25 Jun 2019
How do modern football fans connect with the game?

The weekly pilgrimage to a stadium may have defined football fandom in the past, but people nowadays have a breadth of ways to engage in the beautiful game. From ‘dark social’ discussions to artsy magazines, passionate support goes far beyond simply spectating.

David Wardale

David Wardale is a journalist with nearly thirty years of experience writing about sport for national newspapers. He is also a writer for the UK's number one fantasy football site and the author of ‘Wasting your Wildcard – The Method & Madness of Fantasy Football’.

Josh Hershman

Josh Hershman is the managing director at Ten Toes Media, which specialises in connecting football and footballers with brands and running their social media strategies. He was formerly the social media editor at and the social media community manager for Tottenham Hotspur.

Eddy Frankel

Eddy Frankel is an art critic and editor from London. He is TimeOut London's art and culture editor and chief art critic, and the founding editor of OOF, a biannual magazine looking at the intersection of art and football.

Kate Carter

Kate Carter is a writer, journalist, presenter, editor, and brand consultant. She covers all lifestyle subjects, with a particular focus on health and fitness, and has written for The Guardian, Observer, Independent, Runner's World, Lonely Planet, and many more. She also presents for the Running Channel and gives regular seminars for Guardian Masterclasses.