What’s driving women’s football to new heights?
1 Apr 2019
What’s driving women’s football to new heights?

From record viewing figures and specifically-designed World Cup kits to high-profile sponsorship deals with the likes of Barclays and Nike, a seismic shift is underway in women’s football. What’s driving this momentum and what are the emerging opportunities around the women’s game?

Rachel Allison

Rachel Allison is an assistant sociology professor at Mississippi State University. She is the author of Kicking Center: Gender and the Selling of Women's Professional Soccer.

Charlie Dobres

Charlie Dobres is a director at Lewes FC, an English Women’s Championship club. In July 2017, Lewes FC became the first pro or semi-pro club in the world to pay its men’s and women’s teams the same.

Cheryl Cooky

Cheryl Cooky is an associate editor of The Sociology of Sport Journal and associate professor of American Studies and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Purdue University. She is the co-author of No Slam Dunk: Gender, Sport, and the Unevenness of Social Change.

Miranda Bryant

Miranda Bryant is a writer based in New York.