JAMs: families that are ‘just about managing’
25 Mar 2018
JAMs: families that are ‘just about managing’

Replacing slogans such as ‘hard-working families’ and the ‘squeezed middle’, politicians in the UK have been talking about the ‘just about managing’ or JAMs since 2016. There are around six million JAM families in the UK, but who exactly is this vast and growing social group?

Rob Holdsworth

Rob Holdsworth is director of communications at The Resolution Foundation, a British think tank founded in 2005. It aims to improve the living standards of low- and middle-income families.

Emma Thorogood

Emma Thorogood is senior policy and press officer at The Trussell Trust, which fights to prevent UK food hunger and has a network of 400 food banks.

Anne Boden

Anne Boden is the CEO and founder of Starling Bank, a mobile banking startup that launched in 2014 and is aimed at helping people to better manage their money.

Darren Loucaides

Darren Loucaides is a travel writer and music critic for the BBC. He’s lived and travelled in Italy, the Middle East and Latin America, and has become obsessed with the parallels between cultural and political trends.