How will the arrival of 5G impact rural Britain?
11 Jun 2019
How will the arrival of 5G impact rural Britain?

As Britain gears up to roll out 5G in the coming years, the technology promises to transform life for people nationwide, especially those in rural regions. While urban centres tend to have much better connectivity, it is hoped that this mobile upgrade will reinvigorate more remote areas.

Greig Paul

Greig Paul is a cyber-security consultant and the lead mobile networks and security engineer at the University of Strathclyde. He is currently working on the 5G RuralFirst project.

Nick Chrissos

Nick Chrissos is the director of innovation EMEAR at Cisco Systems and a founding partner of the 5G RuralFirst project. He has over 20 years’ experience in telecoms, from development to product management, marketing, and sales.

Rosalind Singleton

Rosalind Singleton is the chair of the UK5G Advisory Board and managing director of UK Broadband. She is an active angel investor and mentor, focusing on tech businesses with a female founder.

Bernadette Fallon

Bernadette Fallon has been a journalist and editor for over 20 years and has worked for some of the most famous media brands in the world, including The Times and Good Housekeeping, as well as leading organisations such as Rolls-Royce and the Knowledge Transfer Network. She is the author of several travel and design books, published in the UK and internationally.