How can people mitigate their unconscious biases?
10 Jun 2019
How can people mitigate their unconscious biases?

Unconscious biases are deeply pervasive and can negatively affect everything from healthcare outcomes to hiring practices. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Stefanie Johnson, an associate professor at the University of Colorado and a Nudgestock speaker, to find out how we can begin to mitigate them.

Dr. Stefanie Johnson

Dr. Stefanie Johnson is an associate professor of leadership at the University of Colorado, Boulder's Leeds School of Business and a speaker at Nudgestock. She studies the intersection of leadership and diversity, focusing on how unconscious bias affects the evaluation of leaders and strategies that leaders can use to mitigate bias. She has published 40 journal articles and book chapters in outlets such as the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Applied Psychology and The Academy of Management Journal.

Rachel Ousley

Rachel Ousley is Associate Insight Director at Canvas8, which specialises in behavioural insights and consumer research. A San Francisco native, she worked in communications before getting her Masters in Social Cognition from UCL. Outside of work, she loves live music, learning about true crime, and drinking good wine.