How does fasting fit into the world of wellness?
29 May 2019
How does fasting fit into the world of wellness?

Attracted by the supposed benefits of weight loss, mental clarity, and increased performance, intermittent fasting is booming in the biohacking community. But what does this eating behaviour say about people’s relationship with food? And how are consumer attitudes to diets changing?

Dr. Emily Moscato

Dr. Emily Moscato is an assistant professor of food marketing at Saint Joseph’s University. She studies consumer wellbeing, focusing on food sustainability and using alternative data gathering methods to gain consumer insights and motivate change. Her research examines consumption from a consumer culture perspective, contextualising the socio-cultural influences of food production, consumption, and disposal practices.

Michael Fishman

Michael Fishman is the founder of the Consumer Health Summit, an invitation-only event for CEOs and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space. He is a leading advisor on marketing, positioning, and strategy for health, wellness, and personal development businesses such as Bulletproof, Athletic Greens, and Thrive Market.

David Gacs

David Gacs is a writer and research analyst with close to ten years’ experience reporting on political, social, and economic developments in national, regional, and international contexts.