How is data-driven medicine impacting patients?
27 Mar 2018
How is data-driven medicine impacting patients?

There is more health data in circulation than ever before as DNA home-testing kits and biometric tracking apps proliferate. Canvas8 spoke to Barbara Prainsack, author of Personalized Medicine, to understand whether this level of personalisation in medicine is empowering or endangering patients.

Barbara Prainsack

Barbara Prainsack is a professor at the University of Vienna and King’s College London. Her work explores the social, regulatory and ethical dimensions of biomedicine and bioscience. She is a member of the Austrian National Bioethics Committee and the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies, and has chaired the European Science Foundation’s Forward Look on Personalised Medicine for the European Citizen.

Alex Quicho

Alex Quicho is the head of cultural intelligence at Canvas8. Her research into identity, ethics, and technology has been published widely, including in Wired, Bookforum, and a recent monograph for Zero Books. She is an associate lecturer in speculative futures at Central Saint Martins and holds a master’s degree in cultural criticism from the Royal College of Art. At Canvas8, she designs innovative methodologies and develops cultural understanding for clients including Google and Nike.