Why tennis is the most empowering female sport
14 Mar 2018
Why tennis is the most empowering female sport

Women’s tennis is the most high-profile female sport in the world, with pro players earning more prize money and media attention than other female athletes. But what makes tennis so different from soccer or basketball for women? And how can other sports expand their appeal?

Clare Lovell

Clare Lovell is a senior lecturer in journalism at Kingston University. She leads the sports journalism module for third-year students and post-graduates. Her journalism career encompasses stints as a sports reporter and editor, covering Olympics, World Cups, Champions League football and, more locally, Chelsea FC and Wimbledon tennis.

Oriyan Prizant

Oriyan Prizant is a researcher at Canvas8. He has a BA in law from Cambridge, which focused on people's perceptions of contract breaches, and cultivates an unhealthy interest in Korean pop music.