How can airlines help people to fly green?
9 Sep 2018
How can airlines help people to fly green?

Despite a rise in public conscious over green issues, budget airlines have fuelled holidaymakers’ thirst for travelling further and more often. But the environmental consequences of this ever-growing market are huge. So why do people find it hard to live up to their eco-ideals when it comes to air travel? And how can brands help them to fly greener?

Professor Seonaidh McDonald

Professor Seonaidh McDonald is a sustainability academic in the Aberdeen Business School at Robert Gordon University. Her research interests centre on sustainable consumption practices and are underpinned by qualitative research methods. She has successfully supervised a wide range of doctoral students and has collaborated on key research papers in sustainability and tourism.

Michelle Spita

Michelle Spita is a sustainability storyteller and a senior director at Mission Control Communications (mc2) and Eviation, where she delivers strategic communications for companies working in clean energy, mobility, resources and finance.

Isobel Diamond

A specialist sustainability writer within the travel and design industries, Isobel has written for a broad range of national and international titles including The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Conde Nast Traveller. She brings particular expertise in consumer behaviour and trends within luxury and eco-travel and sustainable design, and has worked with luxury and travel brands as a consultant. She has written consumer behaviour reports on topics including 'how airlines can help consumers fly green' and the habits of high net-worth individuals.