How can nature inspire sustainable design?
4 Jun 2018
How can nature inspire sustainable design?

As eco-conscious shoppers put pressure on brands to be sustainable, what can they learn from nature? Canvas8 spoke to Michael Pawlyn, founding director of Exploration Architecture and Nudgestock speaker, to find out how biomimicry can solve some of the world’s material problems.

Michael Pawlyn

Michael Pawlyn is the founder of Exploration Architecture, a design, innovation and strategy company focused on using biomimicry to design high-performance buildings and solutions for the circular economy. He was central to the team that designed the Eden Project and jointly initiated the widely acclaimed Sahara Forest Project. He is also a well-known keynote speaker on innovation and his book, Biomimicry in Architecture, has been RIBA Publications’ best-selling title.

Edoardo Biscossi

Edoardo Biscossi is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. He has a degree in Politics and an MSc in Consumer Behaviour. He’s interested in culture, people, art, the future, the niche, and the mass.