Will Regulations Kill the Sharing Economy?
12 Jul 2018
Will Regulations Kill the Sharing Economy?

The ‘sharing economy’ is growing at an alarming rate in Australia, disrupting multiple industries and forcing more traditional businesses to catch up – particularly in terms of regulations. So how can businesses enforce regulations while embracing the modern sharing economy?

Mike Rosenbaum

Mike Rosenbaum is the co-founder of The Sharing Hub, Australia’s first accelerator for sharing economy businesses. He is also the founder of a number of peer-to-peer marketplaces, including Spacer.com.au and Car Next Door. Mike is a strong advocate for building the sharing economy in Australia, through mentorship, work-spaces, education, and investment opportunities.

Chris Lehane

Chris Lehane is the head of global policy and public affairs for Airbnb. He works with policymakers around the world to support and develop the public climate for Airbnb and the sharing economy. Chris worked directly with the New South Wales Government with the development of regulations aimed at short-term rental accommodation in New South Wales.

Sam McDonagh

Sam McDonagh is the country manager for Australia and New Zealand at Airbnb. He has worked across many sharing economy businesses and been involved in the evolution of the sharing economy in Australia. Sam has worked with businesses and governments to support the changing nature of business in New South Wales and Australia

Ann-Marie Cahill

Ann-Marie Cahill is a writer with a history of legal and sociology research. After spending years writing and arguing about legal technicalities, she realised there was far more to our social world to both read and experience.