Why French Gen Yers are such conscious foodies
2 Jul 2018
Why French Gen Yers are such conscious foodies

French Gen Yers are devoting great time and energy to ensure their food choices fit in with their values. After all, being trendy is no longer defined by the clothes they wear, but also by what they eat. How are their discerning tastes shaping the food landscape and creating new challenges for the sector?

Bertrand Auboyneau

Bertrand Auboyneau is a French businessman in the restaurant industry. He is the owner of Bistrot Paul Bert, L'Ecailler, and 6 Paul Bert, and has co-edited the cooking book ‘French Bistro: Seasonal Recipes’.

Mickael Benichou

Mickael Benichou is the founder and president of LIBERTÉ Pâtisserie Boulangerie, a new generation of bakery that has opened in Paris and Tokyo. The innovative concept aims to be a living place that brings together conviviality, transparency and style.

Roxane Bache

Roxane Baché is an independent consumer intelligence & innovation strategist, who used to work as an expert for future-oriented consultancies including Nelly Rodi, FutureBrand and Usbek & Rica. Currently based in Paris, she keeps in the loop by traveling around the world to spot emerging trends.