Why Russian youth don’t want to party
21 May 2018
Why Russian youth don’t want to party

Russian nightlife has always been eclectic and adventurous – from the mid-2000s boom of R&B nights to the techno rave craze of the mid-2010s. Yet a 2017 study revealed that just 7.3% of 15- to 29-year-olds are frequent club-goers. So, what are young people doing after dark instead of partying?

Yuri Yurkin

Yuri Yurkin is the art director of the Moscow-based bar Untitled.

Nailya Golman

Nailya Golman is an event manager at Powerhouse Moscow and a journalist.

Pania Kirillina

Pania Kirillina is a radio presenter at Silver Rain Radio, former editor of Afisha magazine, and former art director of Redakzia bar in Moscow. These days she’s curating guest lists for events by brands such as Jameson, Boiler Room x Ballantine’s, Hennessey, and The Singleton.

Miloslav Chemodanov

Miloslav Chemodanov is a journalist and the host, promoter and DJ of the queer-friendly monthly Moscow CHERTI party series.

Mikhael Agafonov

Mikhael Agafonov is a Moscow-based writer, social media expert and publicist. Writing for both Russian and international media, he also frequently collaborates with a wide selection of brands,
including Sony, Apple and Google.