How Aussies are shaking their sugar habit
9 May 2018
How Aussies are shaking their sugar habit

Amid growing health concerns, many Australians are cutting back on sugar, with 24% of them following a diet that restricts their intake. How are they satisfying their craving for a sweet sensation without resorting to artificial alternatives like aspartame that are often regarded with suspicion?

Dr. Kieron Rooney

Dr. Kieron Rooney is a researcher in metabolic biochemistry at the University of Sydney. His research portfolio includes human and small animal studies investigating the role of diet and physical activity in relation to conditions such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Aloysa Hourigan

Aloysa Hourigan is an accredited practicing dietitian and a spokesperson for Nutrition Australia. Her key focus is to enable people to achieve successful, positive changes and understanding of the what, when, how and why of eating for better health and wellbeing.

David Wilson

David Wilson is an APAC-based travel and tech specialist whose experience in journalism spans two decades. His stories have run everywhere from the South China Morning Post to Slate and The New York Times. In his spare time, he does strength training and hangs out with cats.