Why are Australians such coffee connoisseurs?
22 Apr 2018
Why are Australians such coffee connoisseurs?

With 27% claiming they ‘cannot survive’ without it and 75% having at least one cup daily, it’s fair to say that Australians love their coffee, leading many to seek the highest quality and most consistent brew to suit their complex flavour profiles. How have they become such discerning drinkers?

Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson is a sales and account manager at Five Senses Coffee, a vendor of sustainable specialty coffee and coffee machines. He has been accredited with the Q-Graders certificate, the highest certification a coffee professional can have, and has travelled internationally to judge coffee cupping competitions, as well as barista competitions locally.

Alex Leech

Alex Leech is the founder of Bellerophon Coffee, a vendor of small-batch, specialty-grade tea and coffee. A consultant by trade, he started Bellerophon in 2015 when he became fascinated by cold brew coffee. This passion grew out of a desire to make really good coffee at home without the need to invest in expensive espresso equipment.

Ben Irvine

Ben Irvine is a trade marketing manager at Seven Miles Coffee Roasters. From being the owner/operator of his own coffee business to working in product development for a coffee multinational, to consulting with independent café owners, he has been involved in the industry for the last 20 years.

Kelly Wade

Kelly Wade is an award-winning full-funnel marketing specialist on a mission to build a better tomorrow by helping organisations efficiently generate sustainable growth using strategic marketing assets that attract, nurture, convert, and retain the target market.

She writes across a broad range of topics with special expertise and interest in science (especially chemistry, biology, medicine, and forensics), education, parenting, gardening, and sustainable living.

Notable achievements include delivering Australia's International Science Policy, representing Australia to the OECD and APEC, and raising two children while being a sole trader.