Girls Who Lift: women who aren’t afraid to go heavy
30 Apr 2018
Girls Who Lift: women who aren’t afraid to go heavy

The weights section of the gym used to be dominated by men who flaunted their muscles and machismo. But with increasing numbers of young women building their physical and mental strength through weight training, girls who lift are challenging outdated ideals of the female form.

Brittany Rhodes

Brittany Rhodes is a personal trainer, coach, nutritionist, and fitness fanatic based in Leeds who was sponsored by Napa Sports Nutrition in 2016.

Laura Davenport

Laura Davenport is a speech and language therapist who dabbles in fitness on the side. She began her fitness journey while studying at uni, and her MO is that everyone should embrace and celebrate themselves, no matter what shape, size or fitness level.

Mica Anthony

Mica Anthony is a content writer with a passion for fashion and all things beauty, who has written for the likes of gal-dem and WAVE Magazine. When she’s not trawling social media for her next fashion look, she’s expanding her Depop empire or discovering an emerging music producer.