Apr 30, 2018
Who’s to blame when an autonomous car kills?

With self-driving cars making the headlines for all the wrong reasons and the public’s perception of their safety dubious, car manufacturers need to clarify who is at fault when accidents occur. Canvas8 spoke to three experts to understand who is liable when autonomous cars go wrong.

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On March 23, 2018, Tesla made headlines when a 38-year-old was killed driving a semi-autonomous operated Model X. The vehicle collided with a roadside barrier in Mountain View, California before the battery set alight, causing a fire. The company has since released a statement suggesting it was the driver’s responsibility to respond to the car’s visual and audio warnings, but the brand’s statement was criticised by the US National Transportation Safety Board. Uber has also come under fire due to one of its fully autonomous vehicles hitting and killing a pedestrian in Florida. It’s understood that the sensors failed to pick up the presence of the pedestrian in the dark.