Why don’t people trust big tech any more?
8 Apr 2018
Why don’t people trust big tech any more?

Web giants such as Facebook and Google have woven themselves into billions of lives, but countless controversies over the years have a growing number of users questioning if they can trust these companies. How are data breaches and fake news changing people’s relationships with big tech?

Jess Sand

Jess Sand is a UX and content strategist with a decade-plus history in translating good ideas into great experiences.

Paul McAleer

Paul McAleer is a designer, writer, and information architect with 33 years of experience in technology and design. As the UX director at Bounteous, he works with teams to create experiences that flow naturally between devices and channels while keeping people at the heart of it all.

Danielle Small

Danielle Small is a writer and strategist with a few awards under her belt. She has covered numerous industries and has worked with VC-funded startups, nonprofits, and international companies, including Google, AT&T, and Lincoln Motor Company.