How Brazilians got a taste for gourmet
22 May 2015
How Brazilians got a taste for gourmet

The first South American Michelin Guide highlights 17 restaurants based in Brazil, putting the country's cuisine squarely on the map. From food truck festivals to gourmet burgers with a South American twist, the new Brazilian flavour goes far beyond beans and rice. So what’s getting served up?

Beth McLoughlin

Beth McLoughlin writes about location technology, electric cars, and urban mobility for HERE Technologies. She was based in Rio de Janeiro for five years, working as a correspondent for The Guardian, BBC Online, and Aeon on topics including crime, technology, and politics. As a copywriter she has worked for Saatchi & Saatchi and brands such as Pampers, Oracle, and British Gas. She is a keen boxer who is writing a book about female fighters around the world and throughout history.