Summer Mckeen: Mormon inspo for digital natives

The Church of LDS has long been associated with old-fashioned values. But a group of young Mormons are changing that, none more than Summer Mckeen. The 20-year-old's success is due largely to her brand’s unique combination of religious messaging and typical teenage interests.

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Which of these search terms makes for familiar reading: ‘Summer Mckeen and Dylan; Summer Mckeen Drama; Summer Mckeen and Hannah Meloche; Summer Mckeen Exposed’? Any? All of them? If you’re under 20, it’s statistically more likely the answer is, ‘All of the above, duh’. If you’re any older, not so much. Like many a YouTube personality, Summer Mckeen remains a mystery to older audiences, but as the star of Snapchat’s first reality TV show, Endless Summer, now broadcasting its second season, she shouldn’t. Summer is also a practicing Mormon, giving an additional layer to her rollercoaster life – one that roves from splitting from her long-term boyfriend Dylan Jordan, to turning 20, to going viral for vaping. [1] [2]